Skoči na glavno vsebino

A preliminary activity marking the actual start to the mobillity C3, The yoyage from zero to one, took place during the voyage of each partner school to Pivka, Slovenia. Each partner school had to create a journal of photos, interviews and / or short films of their trip, which were then collected by one student from each partner country, made into a short film and added to the twin space project website. The material included photos of things and people they saw or met on the way, a very short film of the panoramic view from their plane or train, potential short interviews about travel with pilots /and/or/ stewardesses or other passengers at airports and train stations. This gave all the students involved the opportunity to examine travelling from a different perspective. It also made them realize the responsibility needed in making travelling successful. Judging by the results, it was evident that they really enjoyed the activity.




The UK:

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